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Downlighter LED Light Kit for the Ikea Detolf

Downlighter LED Light Kit for the Ikea Detolf

The Downlighter LED light kit is a custom designed, hand built lighting solution for the Ikea Detolf display cabinet. Using super bright LEDs and a durable plastic casing, the Downlighter kit hides away that pesky wiring and the LEDs, concentrating all the light into your cabinet for a crisp, clean, uninterrupted display. The lightbars for the Downlighter are designed to stick on the underside of the Detolf glass shelves and cast the light downward onto your collectibles. This can add a nice bit of atmosphere to your collection. Each kit is hand made to order and optional extras or custom orders are also available. Please check out the installation videos on YouTube here: .


Manufacturer The Collection Corner
Condition Custom
Item Type Accessory

100 available

Invisible LED Light Kit for the Ikea Detolf